Rappan Athuk

The Deserted Tower

Reaching the village of Fairhill, they set off north along a little used trail, that soons peters out into bush. After several hours, they see a squat tower in the distance. Getting closer, they examine it, discovering a door and no windows at the ground level. The door is very well made. Luckily Xandris is able to open it.

Inside, they party searches and finds some old supply barrels, and a trapdoor in the floor. Going down, they discover a wine cellar, which their Orc henchman taste-tests, and pronounces very good. 3 are down there when trouble strikes. A ghostly apparition reaches out and attacks Xandris, and combat again breaks out. Everyone rushes back into the room, but not before Xandris is again stricken and his constitution suffers. With the combined efforts of the group, the Shadow is vanquished, and the party resume searching the tower.


dimonic dimonic

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