Rappan Athuk

A Second Foray

The party became split somehow in the headlong escape into the mists around the dungeon. Norgar, Anabel, Corian and Galdar camp together, hoping to meet the rest back at the dungeon in the morning.

Sadly, their sleep is disrupted again, as they are beset in the midnight watch. Shining eyes surround them in the darkness as huge rats fling themselves upon the party. The attack is beaten back, but the time for sleep is over. Getting themselves organized, they return to the dungeon in the hope of meeting with the others.

At the dungeon, they poke around a little, and find the holes used by the rats, and explore the main mausoleum. As they approach, they see a statue of a dwarf, under which Norgar finds a key in a hidden compartment. Stone gargoyles then leap down from the parapets and attack in a vicious coordinated strike. The party barely defeat them, and hurriedly open the mausoleum door. No sooner is the key turned when it vanishes, leaving them to open the door. Once in, they realise their good fortune as they explore the chamber which was clearly designed as a death trap for any that entered without the key.

They avoid messing with the stone sarcophagus dominating the centre of the room, and soon their searching is rewarded as they find a stone lid to the back of the room, which reveals a hole leading down. Lowering a rope, Norgar takes the lead, followed by the others and they find themselves in a rough hewn passage ripe with the stench of death, and strewn with the bones of the dead.


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