Rappan Athuk

Forming a party

Various party members play it more or less cool trying to figure out Corrian. MacDoogal is definitely not cool as he bluntly asks questions and quickly ascertains what it is all about. The others gradually come around, and in short order, agree to meet Corrian at dawn the next day.

Xandris decides to follow Corrian out of the Inn. He soon notices another individual, with an accompanying Raven that seems to also be following Corrian. However, as Xandris discovers, tailing people unobserved can be tricky, and he is tripped up as he rounds a corner to run into the one who was following Corrian and two accomplices. Backing off, Xandris passes an ally, who continues on to follow Corrian home.

In the morning, everyone meets up as agreed, and they waste no time in getting out of town. Some days later, weary from rain and cold, you are camped in a clearing. Norgar has the watch, when he hears a strange noise – what sounds like a baby crying. Waking the camp, Norgar and Xandris investigate. As Norgar steps into the bush, something bites him hard. In a vicious flurry of bites and claws, Norgar goes down before anyone can come to his aid.

The group step in and Norgar is healed while Xandris finds the creature – a disgusting dog size animal with the ability to mimic sounds. As they close on it, they are themselves attacked from the rear by its mother. A tough fight ensues, and only after Norgar goes down again and is healed does the party prevail.

Two days later, as they close on the village of Fairhill, they come across a farm, where someone decides to ask for fresh food. Instead of bacon and eggs, a tragic scene unfolds. The entire family has been slaughtered. The father lies in the yard with his guts strewn about and an arm and a leg missing. Small children have been stabbed to death and the mother has likewise been hacked in a gruesome fashion. MacDoogal and Xandris enter the farmhouse and lock themselves in just as the rest are attacked by the family – rising as zombies, and aided by some skeletons, as they see their nemesis – the wizard with the raven and his two henchmen across the fields.

The fight goes tooth and nail as the dead combat the living, and spells are slung. Norgar rushes the wizard directly, and his fate is sealed. Soon only the henchmen are alive and trying to flee. One is killed, and the other captured. Questioning reveals a connection between the now dead Vortigern and Corrian. Corrian shamefacedly admits to keeping too many secrets, and apologizes to the group. Meanwhile, they discover that the old sword hanging above the fireplace in the farmhouse is in fact a +1 shortsword.

They agree to proceed to the Wizard’s tower anyway.


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