Rappan Athuk

At the Starving Stirge

You have been traveling through Furyondy, perhaps hoping for action against the depredations of the hordes of Iuz, or just passing through on your way someplace else – perhaps Highfolk. You stop at the town of Crockport on the shore of Whyestil Lake, at a tavern going by the name of the Starving Stirge. Within, you quickly note a sign posted which reads:

“Able bodied Adventurers wanted. Accompany me to an abandoned wizard’s tower, and share in the spoils. Corrian.”

Aside from that, the tavern is a reasonable place, frequented by a mix of locals, some mercenary types and minor nobility slumming it (or fancying themselves as adventurers).

Much of Crockport shows signs of military activity – or at least past activity. There are fenced off areas with dilapidated sheds, showing rusty iron items through cracks in the boards. Log barricades currently pulled aside from roads into the town. A dilapidated barge lies at the dock, once used as a troop transport.


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